Harvard Management Company

Board of Directors

Valued Guidance and Insight

Offering investment, academic, and industry expertise

Valued Guidance and Insight - Offering investment, academic and industry expertise

HMC's Board of Directors is elected by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. Ex officio members of the HMC Board include Harvard University’s President, Treasurer, and Chief Financial Officer, as well as the President of HMC. Other members, leaders in their respective fields, are selected for their investment, academic, and industry expertise.

Members of the Board of Directors

  • Paul J. Finnegan, Chair

    co-Chief Executive Officer, Madison Dearborn Partners
    Treasurer, Harvard University
  • Stephen Blyth

    President and CEO, Harvard Management Company
  • Jane Brock-Wilson

    Managing Director, Berkshire Partners LLC
  • Amy C. Falls

    Chief Investment Officer and Vice President for Investments, The Rockefeller University
  • Drew Gilpin Faust

    President, Harvard University
  • Joshua S. Friedman

    Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Canyon Partners, LLC
  • Thomas J. Hollister

    Chief Financial Officer, Harvard University
  • Glenn H. Hutchins

    Co-Founder, Silver Lake
  • Robert Jain

    Managing Director, Credit Suisse Asset Management
  • Thomas L. Kempner, Jr.

    Co-Founder and Executive Managing Member, Davidson Kempner Capital Management
  • Martin L. Leibowitz

    Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Global Research Strategy
  • Jeremy C. Stein

    Moise Y. Safra Professor of Economics, Harvard University

"HMC’s Board of Directors delivers the leadership, management, and investment expertise necessary to inform the investment debate that advances the mission of HMC." Paul J. Finnegan
Treasurer of Harvard University
and Chair of the HMC Board