Harvard Management Company

About Us

Supporting the Goals of Harvard

Formed in 1974, HMC manages Harvard University's endowment and related financial assets. Our singular mission is to help ensure Harvard University has the financial resources to confidently maintain and expand its preeminence in teaching, learning, and research for future generations.

HMC has a decades-long commitment to the endowment model of investing with a highly diversified portfolio that includes long-duration, less liquid, and complex asset classes that are important drivers to our success over a long-term investment horizon. The endowment is managed by a highly experienced generalist investment team whose members each take ownership of the entire portfolio, regardless of asset class.

HMC's operational structure brings a wide range of expertise to our portfolio management. These functions include legal, compliance, finance and accounting, and corporate services, as well as information technology to develop and implement the systems necessary to support our investment activities.

"HMC's generalist investment team maintains a singular focus: what's best for the overall endowment." Narv Narvekar
Chief Executive Officer