Harvard Management Company

Investment Management

Monitoring Complex Investment Risks
Focusing on long-term results

HMC utilizes a generalist investment model in which all members of the investment team take ownership of the entire portfolio. This model is supported by a partnership culture in which the collective team engages in focused debates about investment opportunities both within asset classes and across the investment universe—enabling HMC to be nimble and responsive to changing market conditions.

Management at HMC also devotes considerable time, thought, and effort to managing the risks inherent in our complex portfolio and seeks to continuously improve our risk models and analytical functions. Our risk allocation framework serves as a lens from which to view the portfolio and as an important tool to appropriately match Harvard's risk appetite with HMC's portfolio. Continuous improvement in risk management is critical in what remains an extremely volatile environment.

"HMC's investment and risk frameworks support the processes necessary to achieve the growth, liquidity and risk management objectives of the endowment." Rick Slocum
Chief Investment Officer