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Harvard to Sign on to United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment

HMC | April 2014

Harvard announced its decision to sign on to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, becoming the first university endowment in the United States to join the organization. The PRI is recognized as the leading global network for investors who are committed to integrating environmental, social and governance considerations into their investment practices and ownership policies. HMC will implement the principles in its management of the University’s endowment and related financial assets.

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Harvard Management Company’s Argentine Timberland Plantations Receive FSC® Certification

HMC | April 2014

HMC's timberland plantations, EVASA and Las Misiones, located in Northern Argentina, have obtained Forest Stewardship Council® certification. The certifications were awarded by the Rainforest Alliance, an independent third-party accredited to certify companies to FSC's international standards. The certifications verify continued adherence to FSC's standards in the environmental, economic and social performance of timber plantations.

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HMC Names Richard Hall Managing Director of Private Equity

HMC | March 2014

HMC has announced that Richard Hall will become its new Managing Director of Private Equity. Hall, who has significant management, private equity, and transaction experience, will play a lead role in assessing and enhancing HMC’s private equity strategy. Hall joins from the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, where he served as Managing Director and Head of Private Equity.

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Lessons Learned at Harvard

Barron’s | February 2014

Jane Mendillo has one of the most prominent jobs in the investment world. As the CEO of Harvard Management Company, she oversees the $32.7 billion Harvard endowment, the largest university endowment in the country. Mendillo came to Harvard after running the Wellesley College endowment for six years. Before that, she spent 15 years at Harvard Management. Barron’s spoke with her recently at HMC’s Boston office. She discussed stocks, bonds, and private equity, as well as the endowment’s returns and how individuals can invest like Harvard Management.

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Harvard's Post-Crisis Endowment Strategy

Advisor Perspectives | January 2014

Jane Mendillo took the helm as President and CEO of HMC in 2008. Under her leadership, HMC has emerged from the financial crisis with innovative changes in its policies and processes regarding asset allocation and risk management of alternative assets. In a recent meeting of the Boston Security Analysts Society (BSAS) on the challenges and opportunities for investors in 2014, Mendillo discussed these changes, including how her thinking evolved on the excess returns she expects from private equity, the advantage of taking a more controlled and direct approach to real estate investing, and opportunistic approaches to alternative investments.

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HMC Announces Fiscal 2013 Results

HMC | September 2013

For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013 the return on the Harvard endowment was 11.3% and the endowment was valued at $32.7 billion. The return exceeded the Policy Portfolio benchmark by a healthy 223 basis points. This is the fourth consecutive year that HMC has beaten the Policy Portfolio and this year's outperformance contributed nearly $600 million of additional value to the portfolio.

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HMC Hires Vice President for Sustainable Investing

HMC | July 2013

HMC has announced that Jameela Pedicini will become the first Vice President for Sustainable Investing, responsible for researching and understanding environmental, social, and governance issues related to Harvard's endowment. Pedicini, who has significant sustainable investment experience, most recently served as Investment Officer for Global Governance with the California Public Employees' Retirement System.

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HMC Names Jake Xia Chief Risk Officer

HMC | June 2013

HMC has hired Jake Xia as the company's new Chief Risk Officer. In this role, Xia will oversee and quantify HMC's risk exposures arising from both internal and external investment portfolios. Xia comes to HMC from Morgan Stanley where he most recently served as Head of Global Structured Rates Trading. "We are excited to bring Jake's expertise to our management team and we look forward to his guidance and leadership as Chief Risk Officer," said Jane Mendillo, President and CEO of HMC.

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